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The discus add enough color. I think your tank looks fine without red plants.

That thin piece of wood on the right isn't really adding anything right now. It's kind of just there. Since you already have some anubis attached to it, however, it would probably be preferable to figure out how to incorporate that wood into a cohesive visual feature than remove it entirely.
A medium sized tallish rock added slightly off center, with your two current pieces of drift wood banked up against it as if snagged on the bottom of a river or pond would look very nice. This would work particularly well with the moss and anubis you have already attached. Planting some cuttings from your stem plants in the center of this tangle would add a great wild look.

It's also always good to have a plant species occur in bunches multiple times in different parts of your tank. Most species of aquatic plant look best if they are a reoccurring theme in the tank.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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