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Cree 60 watt equivalent daylight bulbs

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I finally found bulbs I like but I'm not sure on number or placement.

Cree daylight, 8.5 watts/60 watt replacement, 5000K, 820 lumens.

I want to put them in black gooseneck clamp lights over my 20 long and be in the medium light range, I can have them 12-16 inches above the substrate or potentially higher by hanging brooder lamps.

I'm attempting a 4 leaf clover carpet and have AR mini and some limnophilia sp.


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I use some led light bulbs in my fish room, I removed the top defuser from mine since all the light needed to go down it worked well and didn't need any sort of relfector ot be efficent. not sure if the cree bulbs are built the same way tohugh. you'll prolly want 3 for medium light, could get away with 2 but might be spot lighty
current light looks pretty effective.. except for being short...
somewhat odd color rendition (personal) but that could be the camera..

As to reflectors.. only needed for either side shade or hanging bits..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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