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Crazy Acrylic Crazing

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I have had this 29 gal low tech setup for for 5 years. When I first bought it used, there was no visible crazing. After several months, it started to show on the front side. It got worse for a couple years covering like 95% of the sides - now it seems stable. For some reason I started questioning it this morning. I have lurked on this site for a long time. Anyone ever had something like this blow out?

We are thinking about upgrading to a 60 gal rimless. I hate to disturb such a mature system. I just top off and add dry ferts every couple weeks. The vines coming out the back are up to 70 feet long going throughout my house. No algae problems...


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I use a microfiber cloth with Novus 1 plastic clean and shine. I can't speak to what the previous owner was using. They had it setup for saltwater.

Come to think of it, I have no idea how old this thing is. Does age have anything to do with it? Also UV rays?

Anyone have a 20 + year old acrylic tank? What is your experience?

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