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Crassula helmsii (water weed) - how to plant it?

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Hi, i have just come back from a walk and have harvested some Crassula helmsii (water weed) from a local stream.
I am struggling to find information for how to plant/grow this plant, most google results letting me know how to get rid of it.

I'm a complete begginer to submerged plants.

Do i need to do anything to get it to root, presuming it takes it's nutrient from the substrate and not the water column?

There is no root mass to be found on the plants anywhere (i carefuly extracted it too, soil and all)

Any help or advice would be great!
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GJ i didnt hold out for a response again :p

Found the information i was looking for amidst a load of research documents online.
For those who are interested, the plant barely roots at all. All it needs to grow is a node and something nearby for it to fork a root into.

Simply pick out all the dead crap, clean, seperate, plant.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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