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Background: Daughter asked for a turtle for Christmas. I didn't want just some ugly aquarium that housed a turtle. You know? Those turtle aquarium kits they sell at petco? Anyways, I decided to go all out.

The plan: Dragon Stone rock glued together to give the turtle his platform. I also want to add plenty of live plants and other fish/invertebrates. I also didn't want a ugly airstone for aeration, so I planned on building a waterfall from his platform to allow for plenty of air exchange. I used a 265GPH pump for the waterfall. I also installed a Fluval 407 canister filter for the mechanical and chemical filtration. The rock will make up the bulk of the biological filtration. I have used 45lbs in total of rock. I may add more down the road to the bare spots in the tank. I'm still debating on what to do for a background on the tank. Painted? Vinyl print? I'm open to suggestions!

I currently am 90% done with the build. I just need to install two AI Prime 16 FW LEDs, hung from the ceiling by steel wire. I ran out of time before Christmas to get these lights shipped in and installed. Therefore I only added a couple java ferns due to low light requirements.

Anyways, you all can check out a video and some pictures of the build here .

I will update this thread with pictures posted here once the build is complete with the light install and added plants/livestock. I will also need to spend a day downsizing all my pictures lol. Anyways check out that link^ and I will be updating this thread in a week tops.
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