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Had to look up the "tweeker" term. I don't think I've ever step foot inside a tweeker pad, but if it looks anything like "BrBa" doesn't seem like a good time.

  • What kind of aquarium related item were you trying to get a "deal" on?

I recently looked at a 40 gallon long tank. Seller NEVER posted a picture, but was only asking $20. On my way there, he mentioned it came with a light hood & a heater.

Sounded nice on the phone, very helpful, but when I pulled up and actually met the guy, I was like "Oh damn." I had to call a friend to get a 2nd opinion on some issues I immediately noticed with the tank.

  • Center brace missing
  • Resealed & hold water, but the silicone job was just completely messy.
  • Slight chip on one corner
  • Front was scratched up.
  • Plastic trim was brownish color
  • On the exterior corner, I assume there was a nice big dried rat turd clinging on for dear life.

Making the call gave me enough time to recover my senses to say, "Thanks for taking the time to hold this for me, but this tank isn't going to work."

Glad I met with the seller while there was 30 minutes of daylight left because I first contacted him the NIGHT before.

Also the winter has done some major damaged to the private roads & are filled with massive potholes that can easily jack up your wheels if you don't see them. Last thing I want to do is change a tire in the that neighborhood when it's 20 degrees.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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