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hey, i was wondering how secure and trustworthy are the people on craigslist? i was thinking about ordering a snowboard off craigslist for cheaper than retail. he lives about an hr or so away from me but i cant drive since i have no license and i cant find a ride down there. i was hoping he would ship it but im not sure if i can trust him and i dont want to be scammed. is craigslist a "at your own risk" type of site? any tips to see if this guy is legit?
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Anyone with an e-mail address can sign up on craigslist. It is totally at your own risk. Craigslist is not responsible in any way, so if you get's all on you. Perhaps it might be worth asking if you threw in 10$ extra dollars he might meet you close to home? No family or friends that might take you? Lastly, ask for a phone number..often if you are intuitive, you can get a feel for someone's honesty just by talking to them. If you have a gut feeling about it, save your money.
i mean this item i want its a brand new 2008 board that is going for 330-350 and its flying off shelves. but he has it for 250$ brand new because he said he got the wrong size. but yeah i think i will just hold on to my money i was hoping he can come up my way if i paid an extra 20$ in case of gas or anything. thanks waterfaller1
I would never ever send money to a craigslist add and expect that person to send my the stuff. IMO you would be the worlds most stupid person if you did it.
yeah thats why i wanted to see if he had an ebay account but he doesnt so i guess ill try to find a good deal.
i always do pick up so i can see it before i do anything. just to make sure its the right condition and the right stuff.

of course even then thats not even that safe. i could get robbed. i never got robbed from all these CL listings yet. i guess im lucky, for now.
It's best to be conservative and safe.

Always meet in person, and only cash.

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
If you feel something's wrong, it probably is.

Nevertheless you might get great deals off craigslist if you're patient and thorough.
I've had great experience buying and selling on craigslist.
the only problems are people backing out of a transaction,
which is understandable since there is nothing holding them.
Yeah, someone backed out of selling me something

I told him to meet with my aunty who works 1 block away from where he wanted to meet, any day of the week, but after 1 week, I called him and he was like "I sold it to someone else yesterday" -_-

First craigslist transaction. 2nd one went great. Great person, great communication etc.
I've had great luck on Craigslist, but yeah.... don't mail/paypal money to people on there.
Always meet in person, and only cash.
Absolutely. There are hundreds of scammers on craigslist, but I'm guessing the vast majority of them are posing as buyers. If anyone wants to send you a check or money order, don't even respond.
I've had some good experience lately selling stored music gear via Craig's list. Two local pickups and one shipment. Never heard back from the buyer in Oregon so I assume all was well..

It took a short time to figure out both of us were genuine. After a couple emails and a phone call we made a deal...

Funny part was he gave me just enough information for me to find his business and call directly... Kind of took him off guard but understood the tracks he left for me to follow.

Main thing is just be cautious.
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