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craigslist find!

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So currently I have set up a 15 gal tank. This is my first venture into planted tanks as well as shrimp. It was converted from a fish only tank around Feb and has been shrimp since around may.

The only problem I have with this tank is the eye sore of the home made stand! It's just a bunch of 2 by 4s nailed together. I had asked my cousin, the carpentry student, to build me one. He has build beautiful gun cabinets for his room. Well I waited 2 months and finally begged him to see it only to find out he hadnt started it. Then came into being my stand 2 days later.

So I have been searching Craigslist for a tank stand. Until today. I found a 30 gal tank with stand and hood that I had seen a few times. The guy was asking 110 for everything. I decided it couldn't hurt to offer him 80. Well he bought it! So tomorrow hopefully i get to go pick up my new tank and stand!

Will get pics tomorrow hopefully!
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You probably could have gotten him down lower, I would have said $60, but that's not a bad find to say the least. There are people out there who want $1000s for their complete system because they put so much time and effort into it, when in reality all you are paying for is the tank, stand, and equipment.

Good find though! Can't wait to see pics
Good find ! I think $80 is a fair price .... After all , items are only worth what people are willing to pay . If your happy with the price then that's all that matters . Looking forward to pictures !
I would have built my own honestly. Even if you aren't handy, there are plenty of diy stands you can find on the web to build from. The 2x4 stand could have been used. It could have been covered up with a 1/4" skin of plywood or similar and then stained or painted to your liking. I think 110 is being greedy for a used aquarium stand. $50-$60 for me.

this is the tank. hope it shows up!
And being a girl i have a very basic understanding of carpentry. I can get a screw into something or a nail but thats about it. I have a younger brother who learned all those skills from my dad.

I should have offered him $60 but I hadnt even thought he would take 80 for it. Alot of those ppl on craigslist just have some crazy prices on what they think you should pay for it. But its not just the stand. It comes with the tank and hood as well so I think its not too bad a price. And now I have a perfect reason to upgrade from a 15 gal to a 30!!
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Still not too shabby for $80. Well worth the money!
Only prob I see is that its a 30 tall
And possibly more than the 240 lbs with just water. Posssibly might want to fill just 3/4 and setup a riparium. Substrate cleaning and plants scaping might be a PITA.
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