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Hey Everyone,

I thought i'd post up a 'journal' of setting up the new tank. :D


Tank - 18x10x12" (35L/9G)

Filtration - Jebo 501 Hang on Filter

Co2 - Hydor NRG co2 system

Lighting - 2x 36W tubes, aqua sun compact reflector

Substrate - Laterite, Garnet sand, Red sea Flora base, 2-3mm brown gravel: in that order.

Heater - Vitapet 50W heater

Ferts - Seachem Flourish liquid and seachem flourish root tabs

Flora - Glosso, pearl grass, rotala, anubias, swords and java fern. Still
thinking about what plants i will use...

Fish - Most likely some neons and maybe a pair of rams.

Im wondering if i should go for driftwood or rocks, please give me your opinions :)

I think thats pretty much everything :D
Im still waiting on most of the stuff to arrive from ASA over the easter break, so i will post up stacks more photos then.

Heres The pics so far... The tank has some water marks that dont want to come off :( but when the water is in the tank, you can barely see them :)

Close up of the laterite (bottom) and Garnet sand (top)

side View

Front view. The little black things are the flourish tabs for root growth or something lol.

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Hey guys,

Time for an update! :D
Ive been busy in the tank today, i just wasnt happy with the look of the hairgrass in the corner, so i took most of it out and left the best looking bits in there :)

My order from aquaria arrived too. Hmm, the plants wer'nt in the best condition, especially the glosso which had turned brown and gross. The riccia i got is attached to a rock, and the anubias was way to big for my tank, but i attached it to a rock and put it in a bucket. The stem plants are ok i guess :)

The reason their are so many plants at the back of the tank is because im going to grow them all for a few weeks, and when they have established ill pick my favourite two of them, and ditch the rest. If anyone can help me with identifying the plants, please do :) Ive got a bad memory already and im only 13 lol :D

Im still not happy with the light cover lol, i want more yellow!

I have'nt noticed much growth in the plants yet, its probrably because im getting impatient and want to the plants to grow...INSTANTLY :D

Im only dosing flourish, excel and flourish root tabs. Should i be dosing more?

Here's some pics.

Please leave your comments and suggestions of the tank :)


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