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CPO with 2 legs :(

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I bought 2 CPOs today but I only realized that one had 2 legs after I left the store. I know they will grow back but they are in a 25 gallon planted with 6 amano shrimp. Should I relocate him or should he be okay by the next molt? There are tons of hiding places and foliage for him but I'm afraid he might have some competition for food. I do have a 5.5 gallon with fire painted reds but I don't know how the shrimps would fair if I put him in there. Thoughts?
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move him to one of those floating breeder boxes. with only 2 legs it cant move easily and will have an almost impossible time feeding. i have rehabed cpo's that were on the losing end of fights or breeding and lost all legs except the two small feeder arms. the next molt may take a while and i would just drop a pellet in front of it so it could feed in peace.
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