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I bought just one pair of CPO from Msjinkzd and it arrived on sept,13th
i thought small one was female and big one was male

first day in tank , they are as big as full grown rcs
i thought if i want to breed them , i should wait for 6 months

i kept them in my 20gal tank with driftwood and java ferns

after watching them 2weeks, small one kept moving , it never stop and it has a clear
pattern , however big one was hard to find , it doesnt have pattern so i
thought it was gonna die

however today! i just found out big one is pregnant

But howcome!? big one is only 4cm and small one which should be male is very tiny and 3cm long
is it possible female got pregnant before it came to my house?
or is it pregnant by my small male?
is that pregnant female real CPO? the reason i ask , this female looks very different than male,
not colorful , dont have pattern ( when i searched pics of pregnant cpo on google, looks very different lol) it my first time having CPO and im not 100% sure
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