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CPO crayfish gender?

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I am determining the sex of my new crayfish. I know one is a male, the blurrier one in the picture, but which sex is the one that is more in focus? Is that a female? I am leaning towards it being a female as it doesn't look the same as the confirmed male.


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Feel free to chime in with your thoughts!!
the pic kinda makes it...well...impossible to see the undercarriage clearly.
Sorry about that. I took the liberty of cropping the image and zooming in.

How about now?


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It's still hard to see.
Try to see if it has a thingy right there between the head and tail section, in the middle of its torso.
If it does, it's a male.
It looks like a female in the picture.
From the first image, the one on top is a male whereas the one at the bottom is a female

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