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i have a tank, about 120ltr, it's been set since last summer, and have slowly added fish over the last few months.
last head count was
6 harlequins
5 enders
dozen red shrimp ( and 3 fry spotted )
4 chinese butterfly loach
4 assassin snails
a few annoying pond snails
and most recently 1 bristlenose 2 weeks ago.
fairly well planted, no C02, temp 24c
cl2 0.8
ph 8 ( this is because of the gravel base, but it's always been 7.9-8.2 )
kh 6-10d
gh 8d
no2 doesn't register
n03 as high as barely anything if i'm fussy, well within the safe range on the tester

i do a 25ltr change every week or so, Crimbo has pushed this to a two weeker. it'll do 3+ with no parameter issues
never lost a fish or shrimp in this tank yet.

this eve i do a water change as per norm, water taken via the power shower so it's fresh from the pipes not a tank and already 24c
5ml of stress coat, shake, stress zyme added, shake, a squirt of tetra plantamin shake again, wait a min then add.

2 hours later there's a fresh dead shrimp, and male ender
all other shrimp are feeding fine
the harlequins are normal.
the remaining male ender is fine
one female ender is hanging out above a powerhead, the other doesn't know whether to keep her company or go play with the others.

the loaches are by the heater, they do hang out here sometimes, but not this close together without annoying each other.
the bristlenose is also by the heater which is unusual.

the only other change is i hung a new light tube above the water which has replaced the old LEDs which were overpowered / underpriced and had dimmed.
lots brighter, but i'd be amazed if that'd kill stuff.

any ideas?

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You're sure the temperature didn't fluctuate during the water change? Maybe even a pH swing? Copper from the water pipes? Maybe... There would have to have been something like that which you didn't notice otherwise I'm stumped.

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i used to be a bit animal about pouring the water in, even tho it's a 60cm deep tank i did used to stir stuff up, but i've been more careful recently as i used to dislodge the odd plant, so no substrate disturbance

water temp:
yep, it probably did a little, but no more than normal, the water going in is about the same as the tank, but 20ltr going into 100 at the rate and slight difference shouldn't swing it too much.

was 8 before the change, it's still 8

The shower was run for a min or so to get the temp right before filling the container, this should also remove any built up copper in the pipes, it's never been an issue before.

LED heat
The old LED's are a good few inches from the water, and don't actually give off much heat, the waters always 24c regardles if they are on or off.
The new LED's where sitting 1cm from the water while i assessed them before i place them up in the hood where the other were.
The tube does get warm, but over the space of the 2 hours it was fitted it hadn't changed the water temp in any way.
the heater is rated 100ltr to 300 and working fine.
sticky guage, glass internal, and digital all agree temps fine

checked after the deaths and as the opening post, numbers no different from normal.

This morning everyone seems fine
It's weird,you'd have thought if anyone was going to die from stress it'd be the loaches or bristlenose, but they were ok, it was the plucky little ender and the can't be bothered with anything stressing it shrimp
these guys will bother the fish if they want to get to a wafer, brave little fellas.
food wise i'd given a pinch of the normal food an hour before the change, theres no waste wafers on the floor, all pretty clean in there.

i'd washed my hand when i got home, so it's not as if i had a drop of oil on my hand which transfered to the food, no sign of anything on the water surface.

very odd.

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i'm starting to think it's the plantamin
others are reporting sudden deaths after using ferts, even those quoted as shrimp safe
i used some a while ago on another tank and the next day a butterfly loach had died, as it and a couple others had been added 2 weeks before and this one was very shy i assumed it'd starved to death, it wouldn't challange the other two for food, and i've seen shy butterflys starve to death before being stressed.

only used the plantamin twice on this tank, once a few weeks ago with no sign of ill effects, and last night.
think i'll stop using it
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