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I'm toying around with ideas for a cool water tub for goldfish and white cloud mountain minnows. It's a 3'x2'x1' (LxWxD) tub. Water will most likely be water that comes out of the waste part of the RODI unit (high in TDS/calcium/alkalinity). Knowing how destructive goldfish can be, plants would be put in some sort of LECA-esque substrate (aka hydroton), in pond baskets. Given that it's a top-down view of the tub, I would like to have plants more for the aesthetic value than for the filtration value. Cheap plants would be better than expensive plants. I really only have three planting baskets, so it's a choice of three different types of plants. I don't really have any plans for dosing, aside from feeding the goldfish heavily.

I really like lotus plants, but are there any that would do well in a 1' tall tub?

I'm also a fan of water lilies as well. Are there any that can work in this size tub?

Finally, I'm thinking of some sort of Aponogeton. I had a really lovely Aponogeton that had interesting floating leaves before. It may have been A. crispus, but its leaves weren't as ruffly.

Are there any plant suggestions that you have?
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