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Could I put this 90 Gallon into a 29 and keep the Eheim Filter?

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Don't ask why, it is just close to a necessity that I do this.

Here is a pic, but rocs can go as I know they won't fit well:

Equipment I would keep:

Ehiem 2028 Filter - unless it is just way to much.

2 x German Blue Rams
7 x Cardinal Tetras
6 x Otocinclus
4 x Julii Cory Cats

And then all the plants that you can see, a bunch of anubias (at least 2 varieties) 3 varieties of Hygro, Amazon swords, Argentine Swords, Vals, dwarf sag (just recouping from last move) and moss.

Also, there is 40 lbs of flourite and 40lbs of tahitian moon sand in it.

Any guidance would be appreciated "EXCEPT" DON'T tell me to keep the 90.

This is a necessary swap.

Also, once it is done what would the 90 Gallon tank w/ the strip light (possibly rest of lighting which is 4xt12 4' 40w), Cascade 1000, and stand be worth?

Thanks for any input.
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I would say that stocking would be fine for a 30g. I wouldn't use all of the substrate you have, but I'm sure you know that. The filter should be ok on a 30g. You might try to find a way to lessen the flow a little bit, maybe drill out the holes on the spray bar and make them a little larger.

As far as value, I would expect to get somewhere between $200-$300 for that setup.
Thank you. As for substrate the planted tank calculator says I could use all my substrate to achieve a 4" depth across the bottom.

It's Flourite Black Sand and Tahitian Moon Sand so I used Silica Sand as the base for the calculator.

I'm leak testing the 30 Gallon right now. If it holds I will be setting it up and selling the 90. I won't have room for a 90 where I am moving.
Understandable, I personally wouldn't use that much substrate as the 30g is much smaller than the 90, just trying to think of the actual water space available for the fish.
Depending on your area, you could actually get as much as 450 for the tank/stand/filter. In my area used setups sell for wayyyyy too much. But there is a low market.
You don't want 4 inches front to back. You want 1-2 in front and max 4 in back.
good point over_stocked, i was thinking about price in my area.
I listed it for $250.00 OBO as I just want it gone. It's actually a 29 Gallon tank. I recieved both 29 Gallons for free, so will give the other 29 with the 90 when it sells.
Okay, 1 29 gallon fully up, with the 2028 on it and the Hydor 300w. :) I even managed to find a 30" 31W T5HO and 24" 24W T5HO fixtures on clearance at a local petco. :) They are holding them for me so I can pick them up tomorrow.

Total cost for changover other than time:


Except for the Co2 I am hoping to do.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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