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Could aquarium salt (treating betta fin rot) harm plants or invertebrates?

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Hello! Newbie here asking for advice :)

My betta is dealing with fin rot. I have added aquarium salt (sera ectopur) to the tank according to the instructions on the box, 1 teaspoon per 25lt (6,6 US gal). This concentration does not seem to harm the other livestock so far (3days now), but I am wondering if it is too weak to cure the disease.

According to various pages (not limited to: and Fin Rot 101 - Betta Splendid) treatment suggests concentrations of 1teaspoon per gallon, which is approximately six times what I use! I am worried if that could harm other species in my tank which are:

a) an amano shrimp and a nerite snail
b) cryptocorynes, marimo, hornwort

I’ve read that the above invertebrates have their eggs hatch in brackish water, despite themselves living in freshwater. Therefore I’d expect some toleration to salt addition, but I wanted to ask more experienced aquarists. Regarding the above plants, I have no idea how much salt they would tolerate.

Water parameters (pH, gH, kH, NO2, NO3, Cl) are tested and constantly coming out fine, the thermostat is now set to 26Celsius. The tank is 15litres (4gallons) and I do a weekly change of 4 litres (1 gallon), dechlorinated tap water preheated to match the tank’s temperature. DIY air pump driven filter with filter floss, aq sponge and siporax. I have done such water changes on Thursday (1st day of salt addition), Saturday (kept the same concentration), today not yet so I can adjust the concentration if it is safe.

Long story short: Would 1 teaspoon per gallon harm the above livestock (invert+plants)? Should I get a quarantine tank (+heater etc), or is it safe to increase the concentration in the current tank? Any suggestsions are welcome :)

Thank you in advance!