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costly plants

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hey guys, i am just wondering where do u get ur plants at such a good price? i live in toronto and i'm seeing windlov java ferns for $14.99, for example =(

i found a bunched/clippings of 'regular' java fern for $5, other than that, everything just kills. any good suggestions for location or vendors that are 'reasonable' with the pricing?

thanks guys
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Other members from local clubs, online vendors, and also forum members. I would consider dealing with those in Canada due to conveniences in shipping.
it's that price everywhere. It's about supply & demand. Java ferns are slow growing so they're kinda pricey. And they're almost impossible to kill so people don't go back to buy more.

look at other plants?
unfortunately i have a very small tank thst right for growing java ferns and tiny anubias. low light, low CO2, low nutrients; itz a betta tank
find somebody living near you on this forum or another.. They can give you a cutting... I'd give you my a chunk of regular java ferns if i'm up in canada.
i have too much ferns actually.
heyhey mistergreen, thanks for the offer for sure =) i live in the Richmond Hill/Markham/Vaughan area of Toronto. does anyone live around here?
i dun need any clippings now or anything, just it would be nice to know who's around =) still at novice at this kind of stuff so ya, still trying and learning about things.
Plants are way overpriced at stores like big als i find that you can get some pretty decent pricies at pj's and superpet but the best thing to do is to find an online vender has some great stuff there in montreal i believe but the site is in french. Largest online sales / service site for the live aquarium plants community. has a distrubitor in Canada and some pretty good pricies check the Canada local pet stoes clubs and conventions for stores in canada and Try the canadian swap and shop. IF you can make it to toronto the menagerie has rare plants for cheap i bought like 8 stems of blyxa japonica for 3.99 plus they have some cool fish and shrimp good luck finding some one !
heyhey thanks, i just had the chance of checking things out and now i hafta admit that these prices are A LOT more reasonable than wat i see around in the lfs around here =)
hey hey hey now. i think the prices at bigals are pretty decent in hamilton ! no trashing now :D as mentioned above the windelov is expensive but ba hamilton sells it for 12.
i actually wanna visit that place but itz one far far place for me since i dun even drive T.T i guess i'll go visit if i ever visit my friends at McMaster.
try hamilton , theres a good selection , trust me i know ;)
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