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Corys keep laying infertile eggs

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I keep seeing little white eggs all around my tank. I'm fairly certain they are eggs from my corys, but I don't understand why they are always infertile. I'm pretty sure I have a mix of female and male corys (2 are much larger than the other 4). Any idea why the males aren't fertilizing the eggs?
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How are you judging them to be infertile? Cory eggs are always white when they are first laid. Are you moving them? Are they lasting or getting eaten?

I didn't think about the nerites laying eggs. I have 2 nerites but I don't know their sexes (or how to tell). I assumed they were infertile cory eggs because after some light research, I thought cory eggs became slightly transparent and you could see a dark spot corresponding to the fry in the eggs a few days after being laid. Some of these eggs have been in the tank for weeks--they are everywhere, on the glass, driftwood, plants, and filter intake. It doesn't seem like they are getting eaten and I'm not touching or moving them.
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Hi spirgeyooh,

Different species breed differently but typically my Corys would have cleaned the area much more thoroughly and would have laid the eggs in a tighter cluster. Do you have snails, Nerite, in the tank?
Yes, I do, and I'm thinking these are more likely nerite eggs after looking at pictures.
I've never had nerites, so I can't say it's theirs, but those don't look like cory cat eggs.

Just so you know in the future, cory cat eggs don't turn transparent, they get darker as they develop. I've hatched a lot of cory cats eggs and they are are a dark brown by the time they hatch.
I do have nerites, and you've definitely got netrite eggs!
Nerite Eggs for sure, I personally cant stand that quality about them, that's why i only keep 1
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