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cory eggs???

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I have a few Cory habrosus in my 29g tank (there used to be 4... not entirely sure how many there currently are because I never see more than one at a time, they are always hiding!) The tank is fairly heavily planted.

Yesterday, I did a 30% water change. Today, I see some eggs in my tank. Are they Cory eggs? (please, please, please!) They don't look like any snail eggs I have seen before, so I am hopeful. I think I have attached a picture of the eggs, below. If it doesn't work, please let me know. The eggs are attached to a bolbitis stem.

Other inhabitants of my tank include 9 bloodfin tetras, 5 male guppies, and 1 oto.

If they are actually cories, is there anything I can do to encourage their survival? I have no other tanks, so a separate setup will not happen.



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They do look very similar to cory eggs, is there a jelly around them? If so, it's snail eggs. Can you remove them to breeder net so the cories won't eat them? I once poked holes in the bottom of a cheap tuperware container and floated that in the water to contain eggs.
They look really small, I think they might be snail eggs, but yeah, if they have jello around them, then you'll know.
they look like ramhorn eggs. my my sterbais and pandas usually lay there eggs in a scattered form against glass and flat surfaces. but ive never seem pygmy cories eggs . if they are are cory eggs they will hatch in a few days depending on heat.
Having a little breeding colony of cories would be awesome...whats the word on the slime?
There is no visible slime around them. I thought it odd because I have never seen a little cluster of eggs like a grape cluster from my snails. Usually they are flat clusters against the glass.

They certainly are tiny, but then again, pygmy cories are tiny, too... Guess I will find out in a couple days. Hoping for the best, but snails probably are most likely. Darn.
Madison WI! Hi from stevens point...its still exciting...and hope for the best!
Well, hi in Stevens Point to you! My parents are in Marshfield, so I get back that way fairly regularly. Heard you guys got a whole bunch of rain this past week... its wet out there.
Oh, yes. I have friends in marshfield...And yes we did. The plover river (my backyard) is out of its bed. Picnic tables were floating in iverson park, and they were expecting downtown to be flooded last weekend. So we have had some rain.

Any word on the eggs? :D
Eggs = snails. Oh well. It seemed pretty likely once I learned that corys scattered their eggs. Guess the snails just decided to be creative in how they laid them this time around.
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