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Cory Catfish with Red Tail Sharks?

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and I have questions on Red Tail Shark compatibility.

I currently have a 60gallon tank, (12.75" x 48.5" x 25") with a school of 6 tiger barbs (soon to be around 10-12), 3 Australian Rainbowfish (soon to be 6-8), a clown pleco, an RTS, and a common pleco (at around 3.5 inches, will be moved in the future), and will be adding an angelfish some time soon, after I've increased the number of tiger barbs.

I'm just wondering if the addition of a school of cory cats (6-ish) will be a good idea or not, considering the fact that the RTS's have been known to become aggressive when they mature.

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Have you thought through an effective feeding strategy yet? It can be hard feeding corys enough when they share the tank with fast eaters.
I had corys in with tiger barbs for a while and had to move the barbs to a separate tank because they are such little pigs and would eat any and all food that hit the water before the corys would even have a chance. They also followed the corys around and would gobble up any food they dislodged.

They probably would have been fine together if I put some effort into figuring out a feeding system but it just stressed me out watching the barbs hovering around the corys like a dog that begs at the table.

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