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I have a planted 15 US (gal) long--

My GIANT peppered catfish was caught spawning this evening while I was adjusting some plants. I noticed a number of eggs fall into the gravel, and a couple were turned into an omelette by a neon tetra in perfect position when the eggs spurted out.

Assuming the eggs are viable (because I'm not sure if the catfish's mate is male or female, though I did see some T positioning) what are my chances however unlikely that Im going to have baby cats in my tank?

I might add I have a self-sustaining ghost shrimp population in my tank.... How, I don't know. My fear is that SINCE baby ghost shrimp can somehow survive in my tank, baby catfish might be able to survive in my tank. My tank is too small for a bunch of 3.5 inch fish!

Do you think I'm going to have to put up with baby cats????

6 tetras (5) neons and 1 glowlight tetra
2 Trillineatus and 2 Peppered corys (that is 4 corydoras in total)
1 Clown Pleco (Bob)
6 Harlequin Rasboras
1 Adult Mystery Snail (female) (Super Snail)
1 Zebra Danio (Mr. Whiskers)
1 Platy (Shadow)
and x number of ghost shrimp x>5

A bunch of Java Fern; meaning lots of it, free floating
Some Red ludwigia planted
A strand of annachoris planted


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If you want to hatch them, here is what I do. Set up a 5 or 10 gallon with a sponge filter and some floating plants.(I use subwassertang) drop the eggs in there and off they go. I keep a couple cherry shrimp in there as well to keep the eggs clean. The shrimp can't eat the eggs but they love to clean them. Once they hatch I just feed them microworms until they are big enough for regular food. Works like a charm.
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