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Cornsnake vivarium consistently dry, should i get rid of drainage layer?

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So a bit of background, my cornsnake prefers higher heat but I can't go over about 50% humidity. I had drought resistant plants in it but the place I was renting had a house fire (I got my snake out and hes safe and sound)and I had to evacuate so the plants died and froze. I had a springtail culture that was doing well but they didn't make it! I had replaced the soil due to the smoke but I kept the insulation foam as I worked really hard on it. Its been over a year now and I still can't get it back to how it was before and my snake keeps getting into the drainage layer. I got a mist king that waters the tank regularly and i spray it down but it still drys up or the plants i have die. Can't put much more cause of character limit. Any advice is much appreciated.
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