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I'm fairly convinced this tank is cursed... :icon_twis

First we have the H2O2 overdose, my mistake.

Now I've been having issues with a CO2 regulator since the weekend. I was fiddling with it yesterday and there was barely any flow no matter how much I adjusted the needle valve. The outflow pressure was also fluctuating by 10 or 15 psi so just all sorts of problems. I barely had the needle valve open last night but the working pressure was initially set to 55 psi (still with the flow problems). I didn't think anything of it this morning before the CO2 clicked on, but apparently the problem corrected itself...

Cause what do I come home to after work just now? Gassed fish. :icon_eek: Excellent. I can't find all the cardinals, but there were about half of them at the surface along with most of the snails (bladder, not an intentional addition, haha). I can spot 3 amano shrimp on their backs with their legs twitching, they also look slightly blue in color. Some of the cardinals are clearly dead as they're just belly up among the plants.

I did about a 30% water change and moved my spraybar up so it's spraying along the surface.

I just can't even handle this tank and all its problems right now. Very frustrated. :angryfire I just emailed the regulator manufacturer earlier today to find out what's going on. (I don't think it's water in the regulator as I have two check valves in place)

If anyone knows a better way to revive my animals, let me know. I'm not keeping my hopes up for the amanos that are twitching, but there is for sure one that seems fine and most of the cardinals seem to be springing back to life. For now I'll just wait and see. :icon_frow
Could it have been EOTD (end of tank dump)? When was the last time you filled the CO2 tank?
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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