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Coralife Mounting Legs

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I've got a question about their mounting legs. I ordered the aqualight plus mounting legs, but I have a 30" 1x65w Aqualight Deluxe fixture. Will the Aqualight plus legs fit or am I going to have to return them?
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They fit on my 24" 1x65 watt. They go on the slot on the back of the light fixture. I believe the slot is the same on the different length Aqualight fixtures.
IME they were a PITA to put on and am not looking foward to removing them to put on same brand moonlight in same slot that I just got.
Despite this I am happy with with the plus mounting legs. They are much more sturdy than the regular ones.
Like baz mentioned, the plus legs are much more sturdy than the regular ones. They're easy to install. You just take them apart and slip the parallelogram shaped metal piece in the slot. Then place the leg in place and screw it on.

I use their adjustable (flip up) legs on another fixture. They are great if you like an open top aquarium.
My bad. I confused the adjustable legs for the Plus ones. I also have the Plus ones as a backup if I need to use a top for some reason, though I've yet to try them.

Left C - Did you have a difficult time installing the adjustable ones ?
They weren't that bad. I pulled one side cover off. Then I slid both legs on and put the side cover back on. Maybe 3 minutes ... tops.
I had trouble using the plus ones on my 36" due to the cords being in the way, luckily I had both legs available to me.
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