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coralife for 20gal Long

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so im thinking of buying the coralife 30' 2x18 t-5. i might get like 38-40 watts off the lighting for my 20 gal long. will that be to strong without running co2? if i dont run co2 what would i need to keep up healthy plants and growth? so far in my tank i have rummynose tetras, neon tetras, otos, corys, red cherry shrimps, anarchis, java moss, and anubia nana. please help me out. if i dont run a co2 do i need to buy any liquids for the plants? will it harm any of my fishes? and do i just add the liquids in when i do a water change? thanks in advanced! have a nice day!
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I recently purchased the Coralife 30" T5 for my 20 gal long low tech planted tank. I keep RCS, amanos, L-046 zebra plecos, L-183 Starlight brisstlenose pleco, and some otos. The plants are doing well and all I do is just feed the fish and perform WC, with no gravel vac.
thanks crazie.eddie. can anyone else help me out?
I've got a 20L with a coralife 30' 2x18 T-5 fixture with dual 6700K bulbs.

I also put a couple of other 20L light hoods over it and to be honest, running just the coralife would probably keep my algae growth down.

Why can't you just do the DIY CO2 in 2 liter bottle?
can you send me the recipe and tutorial on how to do it, gundy
I tried numerous recipes but basically I just used 2 cups of sugar, 1/2 tsp of yeast, 1/4 tsp of baking soda.

This website shows how to build the bottle. I just used airline tubing and then drilled a hole in the cap of the bottle and inserted the tubing as tightly as possible. I then silconed around the tubing on the cap - let it set for a day then made the recipe.
would i need to dose something ? excel? anything? if so would i dose when i do water changes which is like once or twice a week? if so would it harm any of my shrimps? fishes? plants? help please.
I have 5 liquid fertilizers from seachem ( IE. Flourish/Excel/Iron/Potassium/Phosphate) - I just follow the seachem chart on their website for dosing.

You don't necessarily need excel if you have CO2 running from my understanding. I am just trying to conquer some hair algae that has sparked up. Depending on your plants you may or may not need fertilizers, although it usually doesn't hurt anything.

Water changes once a week is fine. Nothing will harm the fish/shrimp/plants as long as you dechlor etc..
for the diy co2 can i use crazy glue or something to seal the tube to the 2liter cap? or do i need to use something else? btw thanks for answering gundy
I just used silicone around the tubing. No clue if crazy glue would create an air tight seal.
You probably won't need to use ferts. Since you will be keeping some fish and shrimp, their waste and the breaking down of the food will help nutrients for the plants. As I mentioned, I have a 20 gallon long with the Coralife 30" T5 light and use no ferts. Just feeding the fish and WC, with no gravel vacs.
I have used hot glue in the past instead of silicone and it worked fine.
Drill a hole in the 2L bottle cap, smaller than the hose.

Cut the hose at a relatively steep angle (60 degrees).

Push the angled hose into the hole.

Grab it from the other side with pliers.

Pull through.

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