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Coralife Acrylic lens cover

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I just damaged my acrylic lens cover on my coralife lunar delux. I was woundering if anyone knows where I can find a replacement for just the lens cover. I have been searching but I can't find any places.

I was trying to contact the company itself but I can't find the offical company site.
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How thick is it? You can probably get Home Depot to cut a piece of acrylic for you relatively cheap. Unless Coralife will supply one to you free.

[email protected]
thanks for the contact info. I'm not sure I'm going to check in a few. but the problem is that home depot can't replace it because at the end of the cover, there is an plastic attachment that holds it securely. so that peice broke off.
I lost the piece that you are referring to. I haven't found it to be that necessary though.
It isn't needed. Yes it is a bit annoying when you move the fixture and the acrylic slides out, but it probably needed cleaning anyway.
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