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Coral Keepers 25 gallon heavily planted tank diary.

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Hello everyone! Im setting up a 25 gallon heavily planted tank. Im going to put everything thats in the 10 gall into the 25 gall. Just filled it up with water and sand. Here is a link to my 10 gallon tank. Pics will be up in a few min.
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Here is an update pic. I am moving everything from the 10 gall in to buckets and some of the stuff into the 25 gall tank. Now im waiting for the water to clear up a bit and my dad is going to the store and going to get me a new bulb for plants. Here are some pics of how the tank looks so far.

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Ok, here are some up date pics. I got 3 lights on the tank which = 50 watts on the tank. All 3 bulbs are diff. The first pic is 15 watts and it takes out the greens more, the second pic is 20 watts and it takes out the blues and reds more, and the third pic is 15 watts and its blueish purple or something like that and makes everything look better. The last pic is all 3 lights on at the same time.

Tell me what you think.
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Looks nice. It will look great once everything fills in.
Dude I am giving you plus one on karma for this post. bravo. It brightened my evening to see 13 wonderful pictures of a new tank being set up.
Thanks for the good laugh. Keep us posted!
Its looking better everyday.
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