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Coral fish Memorial Day sale

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Coral fish Memorial Day sale today! 30% off the whole store.
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Thanks for the heads up! Ended up picking up a new Fugeray Planted+ i'd been eyeing up.
darn it, I remember these guys, I picked up a 120gallon from them several years ago, but they stopped doing the 30% off on Memorial day.

How was that Fugeray? cheaper than Amazon with the 30% ?
Damn I jus missed dis one huh :(

I picked up a Fugeray at Coral yesterday too. It was 10 bucks cheaper than amazon with shipping. I was surprised more weren't gone by the time i got there.
Ah I just missed this while I was over there! I went prior to look around and didn't know about the sale or I would have bought some Finnex fixtures to bring back...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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