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Copper slag?

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In the interior of BC here in Canada is the remains of a copper smelter than ran for decades, left over from it is an unknown amount of cubic kilometers of copper slag. It's used in that part of the world as insulation, sand blasting sand, sand used in road construction, etc... They've been using it for decades now without putting a dent in it, and it is cheap and plentiful.
Would it be safe for aquarium use? It's sort of shiny and black as black gets. It would be attractive sand, and for that matter larger pieces of it would be interesting for aquascaping.
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I wouldn't use anything that was involved in a process containing copper. Copper is bad for inverts and once introduced into your can, can actually get stuck on everything in your tank including your equipment, decorations, even the silicone material.
how much copper is too much? Based on this there isn't much if any copper in the slag, depending on where it comes from. I thought that copper slag was all the non-copper left over from the smelting process.
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