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Coolest fish for 8 gallon

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I'm wondering what folks think are the coolest (colors, shapes, fun to watch) fish for nano tanks that are fairly easy to care for AND not more than $10-$15 a piece?
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I personally love hifin platies. They are just fun and colorful. All I have in my tank are platies and a betta.
I recently purchased some galaxy rasboras aka celestial pearl danios and I love them. Tiny tiny fish that are very colorful and fun to watch.
10 white clouds for $5. and some fire red shrimp. lol
Shell dwelling dwarf cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. In terms of fun to watch, there's no other fish that tops them.
Dwarf Puffers! I have three in a 5.5G they are absolutely my favorite. Check them out in my video of them eating live worms. They go bonkers for live snails!
Dwarf puffers or pea puffers are pretty nice indeed. 8 gallons isn't too large so don't go crazy and overstock. A pretty betta would also look nice in a small 8 gallon planted tank
Scarlet badis (Dario dario) or Red Melon Dario (Dario hysginon)
With all these replies, make sure you double check to see if the fish are recommended to be in a 8 gallon tank. The "1 inch to 1 gallon" rule doesn't apply to all fish types. I have coral red pencilfish and all the research I did on it says nothing smaller than 15 gallons even if they are small.
10 white clouds for $5. and some fire red shrimp. lol
Awesome price... They go for about $1.50 - $2.00 locally.

I like those dragon scale male bettas as they are quite unique and suited for a 8 gallon tank. Not sure if they are tankmate friendly though.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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