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Cool shrimp find

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Thought I'd share this cool shrimp I found in my tank, looks like a black and gold rili cherry shrimp. Havent seen any like this before. I am going to try and setup a tank to breed it. Only thing is I gotta find it again, havent seen it since. Anyone know if its a male or female? I think its a female.
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Lol ofcourse on the day that I post this, I spot her and to my disappointment she seems to have lost her yellow/gold stripe and specks coloration. From what I've read the "racing stripe" on the back of females often come and go depending on various factors, though exactly what I'm not sure. It is in the middle of the night though and I had just turned on the lights to have a look so maybe thats why it was more black 🤷‍♂️

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