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Came upon this on the Champion Lighting site and hadn't seen it before so thought I'd post a link in case somebody is in the process of setting up a high tech tank. This is mainly marketed at reef people, hence the ReefKeeper name, but it would work well for a planted tank as well. It's essientially a CO2 controller, heater controller, light controller, fan controller, power head controller, and general purpose timer all rolled into one unit. I could've done away with 4 different timers, my CO2 controller, and numerous power strips if I'd known about this thing when I was setting up my tank. $270 ain't really that bad. Similar reef controllers approach $1k from what I saw. The firmware is upgradeable so you can upgrade the code as they add new features. My birthday is coming up so I may have to get myself a present.

Here's the link:

Digital Aquatics 2006

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