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Cool guess what I seen?

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Just finished my water change and feed my fish and I see baby Cherry shrimp crawling in my moss. Only thing that makes this really cool is they are in the tank I thought would be impossible for them to survive, 72 with 4 Discus and temp of 81. This just made my day.:icon_mrgr :icon_mrgr
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WOOHOO!! Congrats, Lotus. :biggrin: Are these your first babies? That IS unusual that they'd survive in a tank with discus!
Congrats! The thing I found with the discus is they are not as aggressive as angels. They will chase after something, but if they realize that it's too difficult to catch, they give up. Angel's on the other hand, will keep trying.
I keep a 2G bowl outside with plants & a few feeder guppies to eat the mosquitos. I saw a cherry shrimp in the bowl the other day. I had no idea how it got in there but the weather in the midwest have been in the 90's - 100 for the past 2 weeks.
Thanks, this is a first for me.
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