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I have a 9G low tech tank (with medium lighting and no CO2) setup and I'm trying to follow Tom Barr's Non CO2 methods outlined here: His fertilization schedule calls for the following in a 10G tank each week:

1/8 tsp Seachem Equilibrium
1/16 tsp KNO3
1/64 tsp KH2PO4

I have the Seachem Equilibrium, however, the rest I'm dosing using the Seachem Flourish line (I've used dry ferts in the past and I find liquid to be way easier and for a small tank the costs are not too bad).

I've checked out the fertilizer calculator and this is what I should be dosing in order to match roughly the same concentrations of NO3 and PO4:

1/8 tsp Seachem Equilibrium
2.5 mL Seachem Flourish Nitrogen
20 mL Seachem Flourish Phosphorus

What's weird though is the 20 mL of Seachem Flourish Phosphorus ... that's about 10-15 times the recommended dosage on the bottle. So I'm looking for some advice on how much Flourish Phosphorus to actually dose in my tank.

Thanks for any help you can offer,
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