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Converted dirt - Peppered Cories

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Guys I am hoping maybe someone has either experianced this or can tell me why this is happening.

When I transfered my fish from my 55 planted to my dirted tank (Feb) everything went great. Last month I lost 2 of my Corydoras paleatus (peppered cories) I had 6. So I decided to pick up 3 more this past weekend (Saturday) I come home yesterday and two are dead.
Temp 78.9
Water is GOOD (liq test)

Is it my Dirted Substrate? My Ferts? What can possibly be hurting my cories

3 Marble Angels
10 rummy
6 Cardinal
1 BN
4 Kuhli
1 Leopard Ctenopoma
1 Bumble bee Cat
4 Peppered cory

Filtration 2 Cascade 1000
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Are the substrate granules small? Maybe their ingesting it and its stopping up their systems. Some fish that were raised around gravel and then moved to sand can ingest it thinking its ok. Just a guess.

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I don't think it's your water quality. Kuhli loaches are very fragile IME, they'd be the first to go if there was something wrong with your water. I would look at the substrate to see if anything there is being ingested as Zoea suggested.

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UMMM, well its the NEW ones that I add..I have 3 or the original 6 and they are fine, its just always the new ones I add that last only a couple of days.

Yes there is SOME "bark" mulch on the floor towards the back of the tank but they are big pieces. It really drive me crazy cause I want several cories, but I hate adding them just to see them die.

I also might look into another variety.
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