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Container pond advice?

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'Ello all! If you read one of my recent posts, you will know that I recently had problems with a psycho paradise fish in my 29 gallon. Now I have found what to do with him!

The aforementioned psycho is now in a small container pond which holds about 7 gallons of water...not the ideal situation, but he looks comfortable (and is surprisingly hard to find...I think he might hate me now that I've chased him with nets twice within three days...). Anyhow, it has a soil bottom with a 1 inch gravel cover, a vallisneria plant, some water sprite, frogbit, and the obligatory duckweed :red_mouth. I am planning on bringing this container to the deck in May so that he can nom on some Mosquitos and the like and get better colors.

Anyhow, have any advice for me on this endeavor? I was planning on adding some emerged stem plants, but any other plant suggestions would be appreciated.
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Larger container.
7 gallons is not enough to have a stable temperature- it will get too hot in the summer.
Diana is 200% right, 7g is way too small. I started my container pond with a 7g planter. I burried it 10" and was able to keep the temp pretty stable but I'm is SoCal where it never gets really cold. You on the other hand are asking for disaster with a 7g. I eventually moved up to a 18g and then wanted a 50g but it turned out to be too wide for my small area so I went with a 30g container(not yet replaced).
Guess this container will be staying indoors, then...oh well. I think I am going to return the PF and assign this as a QT anyway...the PF is extremely shy and hides when alone in the container, and incessantly fights anyone when he is not alone.
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