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Contact Lenses Solution

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My fellow PT members, what contact lenses solution do you use?

Its been a week since I started using contacts. So much better than the glasses. Only downside is that I seem to go through the solutions quickly. At the moment I have 1oz left of RevitaLens from the optometrist, so I'll use this opportunity to try out a new solution.

So, what contact lenses solution do you use?
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B&L.....for years and never anything else. My eyes can tell the difference.
just don't accidentally get the stuff for hard lenses... it BURNS
I have tried a few because I have very sensitive eyes that felt dry a lot after I started wearing contacts. My favorite by far is OPTI-FREE RepleniSH multi-purpose disinfecting solution by Alcon.

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I go to Costco and buy the three bottle pack (Kirckland brand). Each bottle is 16oz. vs 12oz. Can't quite remember the price though.
Baush & Lomb Biotrue Multi-Purpose for me. Most contact solutions make my eyes burn for a short period of time...this stuff does not.
Alcon been using it for like 2 years now. I have tried like 4 other brands but this one, I feel is the better one.
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