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Connordude27's 10g Carniverous Plant Terrerium

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okay so i got inspired to do this by seeing legos tank and a mueseums tank so here it is

PLANTS- purple pitcher, venus flytrap
LIGHTS- 23watt (equal to 100w) spiral flouresent 6500k

materials used- long fibered spahgum moss, sand, rocks, driftwood, plants, 10g, aquarium gravel, light,lightbulb

total cost = $19.93 (thats because i had most of the stuff)

THE TERRERIUM (had to wipe the condensation of the side to take a pic)

venus flytrap

purple pitcher

the niffty containers they came in

comments suggestions and plants are all welcome lol
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this might come up late as the plants are much more established now, but in future terrarium planning, it could help to make a slope, either from side to side or front to back. by doing this, you'd be able to keep an assortment of carnivorous plants happy: sarracenias like flooded conditions--would do better at the lower end, and flytraps on the mid to higher ends (because they don't appreciate PERMANENT waterlogged conditions)
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