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Hi again,
So having realised that my rainbowfish have a nasty case of velvet disease, I'm now struggling to work out what to treat them with. I was going to use Seachem Paraguard only to find out that it's not available in Australia. Cupramine is but it's not plant safe.
I have a choice of standard ich preps containing malachite green and formalin, waterlife protozin which doesn't have a list of ingredients but I believe has some methylene blue, copper and malachite green. Also Multicure which has methylene blue, malachite green and acriflavine.
LFS has recommended Protozin but I'm not too sure.
I don't have a treatment tank so I need something I can put in my display tank which is heavily planted and also has loaches and catfish.
Any recommendations?! Thank you!
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