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Confused!! HELP!!

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I have a 29 gallon planted aquarium, ( 30x14x16 ) with water wisteria, Alternanthera reineckii, and java fern. But over the past month and a half none of the planets grew more than ½ inch. The tank is lit by 2 Zoo Med Aquatic flora sun florescent bulbs 17 watts. And 2 Sylvania full spectrum daylight 20 watt. Besides making minute water changes every couple weeks I have been adding API leaf zone once a week and Seachem Flourish once a week. Having 2 sixteen FL oz bottles delivering DIY CO2. But alas I am still unable to grow these plants, water wisteria supposedly being one of the easiest ones to grow at that. I would like to get some pointers and to help me prosper by this ever growing hobby!!:D
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My guess would be that they aren't getting enough nutrients. I'm not familiar with leaf zone, but I doubt it has anywhere near the amount of NPK a plant needs when added once a week.

The lighting you listed seems strange to me. Are these 4x 18" bulbs? What kind of lighting are they, T5, T8?
Plants sometimes take awhile to get settled. Also, cutting the bottoms off of stem plants before planting will generally speed growth (for future reference). In addition, with CO2, you might want to consider dosing ferts a bit more thoroughly (liquid or solid, or simply root tabs). And are you using a diffuser for the CO2? Do you have a drop checker to measure CO2 levels?
Sharkfood: the light bulbs are for the Zoo med's are two T8 and the Slyvania's are two T12's.

Kevemo911: I would thing the Wisteria would be larger considering the time spand? yes im using a diffuser, and no i dont have any sort of measuring.
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