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Concoa Regulator

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Hi guys! I really need some expert help! I'm looking at building my own pressurized CO2 system. Would this Concoa regulator be good? Looks like it has a needle valve attached to it. Here is the description:

Concoa - Controls Corporation of America of Virginia Beach, Virginia - This is a used, 400 Series Gas Regulator, Assembly #40223311D, Serial #934423, as pictured. The inlet gage on this regulator is scaled 0-4000 psi, and outlet gage is scaled 0-30 psi. The CGA connection on the high pressure side is not marked as to type, though it looks like a CGA-590 connection, though that is a guess. The discharge of the Regulator has a needle valve, with a compression style fitting for 1/4" tubing.

I'm admittedly very new to this, but I'm really trying to get this right and take it slow if needed. This will be my first aquascaped aquarium and I'm very excited :) Thanks for any comments!
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It looks OK, but you will definitely need to change the connection to a CGA320 (CO2) connection.
Thanks for the reply Darkblade48!

How much would that cost to replace?

The price for this regulator is $40 shipped. Good deal?
As yikesjason mentioned, you can get a CGA320 stem at AirGas (or other similar store).

And $40 shipped is a good deal, provided the regulator is in good working order, doe snot require replacement parts, etc.
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