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Concoa Chromed Gauge

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I just got a Concoa regulator of evilbay and the 2" chromed gauge is all beat up. Where can I find a replacement?
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eBay would be my first stop. You can also try local welding stores, but it might be expensive.
Try McMaster Carr. They have gauges, not positive on the chrome.
Are you looking for matching gauges? if so it's going to cost you a pretty penny. If not just look around on ebay for 2" psi gauge.
Thanks everyone I think I might have a solution. Besides teaching sellers on evilbay how to package their goods so they won't get damaged in shipping. Seller at least refunded $20 to replace the gauge.
Concoa is everywhere in the air!

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Chrome CGA 320 is about $15 a set, and plus shipping, cost more.
pair of matched gauges, are hard to find, and a single chrome gauge is about $15-$30 on evil bay.
hopefully this will help to set the right offer, good luck.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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