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Computer Experts! I need your help I have test and my laptop is not working

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I have a big test tomorrow and last night I am studying and google SQL practice quiz and test. It gave me a few links and opened the first one then my Avast anti virus went nuts as it pop up to this porno add. I immediately click x (I know I should have did the ctrl, alt, del. but I wasn't thinking). I run my anti virus and found 7 (trojan, etc..) that went to the QUARANTINE. Then all this ERROR pops up.

-CRITICAL ERROR = Damage hard drive cluster detected = Private data is at risk.
-CRITICAL ERROR = Windows can't find hard disk space.
-RAM MEMORY usage is critically high. Ram memory failure.
-CRITICAL ERROR = Hard drive not found. Missing Hard Drive.
--CRITICAL ERROR = You are running very low disk space on local disc (c).
-Windows - NO DISK
Exception processing message 0x0000013 parameters
0x759A023c 0x84c3caa4
0x759A023c 0x759A023c

I have 2 more if needed to be listed. Now my internet is not working even the Anti virus update is not. I tried to do system restore but it says that error has occur.

Really need help on this please!!! I can pay by plants or shrimps if needed!

This is just 3 months old Toshiba Laptop and running windows 7. I have made a System recovery dics when i got this! should I just start fresh as I don't have anything installed just a few pictures as this is primary use only in my studies.

Any help is appeciated! I am using work computer right now.

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try to do the system restore from safe mode.
try to do the system restore from safe mode.

Wish I have my laptop with me as im at work. I will try that when I get home. Do you think its a virus or is it really my hard drive?


sounds like some sort of bug to me, it would be way to odd for your drive and your ram to go bad at the same time, especially on such a new laptop. what i just recomended fixed my x's mothers pc with very simular symptoms just a few months ago.
After you scans, I would download a program called combofix. It tends to find the bugs that some of the other programs can't get.
After you scans, I would download a program called combofix. It tends to find the bugs that some of the other programs can't get.
I will try this too after i try system restore from safe mode.


good luck bud, let us know how it turn out...
EEPs:eek: sounds like a virus to me...never a good tyme for one especially when U need it to study. I would try and do a scan from safe mode as previous poster stated. It could take hours of fiddling around to finally find and remove it-especially if its attacked various points in your pc. If U don't mind losing the pics U have, U may just want to spend the tyme reinstalling the OS. My roommate loves putting viruses on my pc, idk how she does it, but instead of spending tyme trying to remove the viruses for sometymes substandard results I usually now just reinstall/reformat. Put your antivirus back on and roll with that till U have more tyme to set everything how U like it
GL on the test!:proud:
Combofix is awesome. However in your case, I'd just save whatever data you can off the drive and reformat/reinstall windows.
Combofix is awesome. However in your case, I'd just save whatever data you can off the drive and reformat/reinstall windows.
i would only do this if system restore does not work :)
Did this get resolved? I specialize in virus removal and might be able to walk you through some advanced steps on getting the viruses off. If you had a pop-up its likely a Vundo Trojan, which is not a simple task to have removed. Combofix might do the trick, but its 50/50 on a Vundo Trojan. It will likely have to be manual removed from your machine.
^^^ this site is a excellent resource and I third or fourth the combofix recommendation. Its powerful stuff.
If all else fails, and your work computer can burn CDs or DVDs, you can try to run it -- experimentally -- on Linux.

From your work computer, go to a Linux website, download their 'live CD' or 'live DVD' version, and write it to a blank CD or DVD. Then start your laptop and immediately insert the cd/dvd so that the computer boots from it.

If it starts right up, shows you a pretty screen, etc, you can conclude that RAM is ok. Then explore the menu system enough to see if you can find the hard drive. If you can find some familiar directories and files, you know the hard drive hasn't crashed. At which point you could remove the CD and shut the machine down (at which point it forgets that it was ever running Linux), knowing that your problem is an infected Windows installation. In this case, you might need to reformat the hard drive and reinstall ... something. Personally, I would install Linux. If you're required to use Windows, at least you can get a fresh start.

Linux is completely free and available from a number of different sources, each of which has packaged its own flavor of the basic system with a slightly different personality to appeal to a particular market segment. The ones with the reputations for being the easiest for windows users to work with are Ubuntu ( and Linux Mint ( For your purposes, either would do well.
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i dont think it is due to any virus . restart your computer press f8 while it is starting windows and turn on safe mode .

system restore in the safemode did not work. Internet is not working at all. Any information on reformating the hard drive and reinstall OS? I have the Recovery disk made when I first open the laptop. Any help on using/reformating is greatly appreciated. I have no other access to other computer at home so I did not see some of the post until I got here at work using the pc here.


insert the disc, restart and boot from cd. There will be an option to install windows, or recover, etc... depending on the recovery disk you have.
Sounds like a virus/malware giving you those errors. Having all that hardware fail like that seems too crazy to be real. Do you have the windows disk that should have come with the laptop?

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I have 4 system recovery disc and 1 application. How should I go with this? insert disc 1 first (sorry for the dumb question).
Put disc 1 in and restart the computer. It should prompt you to boot from the disc. Select yes and then follow the prompts from there.
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