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Compression Valve vs Needle Valve

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So... i threw out my diy co2 tanks when i got my new 5lber which then realized that a regulator only would not be enough to stabilize the bps

so i ordered one immediately

fearing what may happen to my tank over the next 5+ business days with no co2 i ran to home depot tonight and looked in the pipe section for a substitute,

I found a 6 dollar in line compression valve
i was able to dial in 4 bps ish based on me and my gfs counting

i will let you guys know how it looks in the morning
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Your tank will be fine for a couple of days without CO2...just lower the photo period, stop dosing macro ferts and thin out the micro ferts.
so its been holding strong... no increase or decrease and its been... 21 hours ish

so all good in my book but i will keep and eye on it!

i think this would be a good solution for those of us trying to save a bit of cash and knocking the pricetag down on a co2 setup
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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