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Moving sale. $199.99 takes all my aquarium and co2 equipment and loads of other stuff. Please see pics of all the stuff that's included. My loss, your gain. Pickup only in Monterey Park, California

1. 10 gallon aquarium with Aquaclear filter and dual T5 light fixture
2. Fishes: 8 pristella tetra, 2 corys, 2 apistogramma, 1 dwaf puffer, 2 oto cats
3. CO2 Regulator with a very precise needle valve, 5lb CO2 tank, bubble counter and ceramic diffuser
4. Plants: HUGE clump of Anubias attached to rocks or driftwood and background plants(forgot the name)
5. Water heaters, Semi-auto water changers, air pumps, digital timers, fertilizers, drift wood, rocks for hardscaping, 3 gallon marineland tank, glass jars ..etc..etc.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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