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I'm taking down this entire setup -- $350, details below -- and looking for someone to come get it between now and Christmas (when I'll be leaving town). I'm happy to help you tear it down/load it into your car, but as I have no car of my own you must come pick it up.

Tank information: it's a typical a 20 gallon "long" aquarium (76 liters), 30" x 12" x 12", back glass painted black.

Stand: solid pine, not particleboard, painted black, with a door. Plenty of room inside for python, buckets, ferts, etc.

Lighting: 48 watts. One Coralife 30" 2x18W T-5 unit with only one bulb in it -- a Coralife HO T5 31W 6700K bulb that I bought as a replacement by mistake when one of the 18W bulbs burned out. (Extra 18W Coralife bulb also available.) Plus a T8 17W Flora Sun bulb in the fixture that came with the tank.

Filter: Aquaclear 50, originally purchased for a 55-gallon tank.

Heater: very nice one from Germany, several years old, will probably last forever.

Powerstrip includes a built-in timer. Eight-hour photoperiod with a two-hour afternoon break.

CO2: diy soda bottle, 1c sugar + 1/8 tsp yeast, changed every two or three weeks. Diffused via internal powerhead which runs on the same timer as the lights.

Dosing: all ferts included -- Tom Barr's EI for dummies (which involves Barr's GH booster, K2HPO4, KNO3, and traces), plus baking soda (depending on KH) and epsom salt (whenever), and 1/4tsp Flourish Iron.

Substrate: pool filter sand.

Plants: java fern, chain swords, bolbitus fern, java moss.

Fish: one "blue steel" apisto (sold as an agasizzi at Pacific Aquarium), 15 pristella tetras, and six otos

Also included: python hose, buckets, extra driftwood, rocks, nets, basically all the aquarium stuff I own.
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