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Is there any hope of me being able to keep the following fish alive in a 30 gallon tank with my water parameters of 78* , 7.6pH--I am unsure of calcium content or 'hardness' of the water. I plan to get a test kit soon.

The fish I am interested in are :

Pelvicachromis pulcher ( kribensis ) x 2 female if compatible--still doing research ( 2 females to avoid a tank full of fry as I have read that a pair will fill up a tank with babies--maybe not in my pH though )
Axelrodia riesei ( Ruby tetra ) x 15
Corydoras Sterbai x6
Nerite snails x 4

Tank will be planted with plenty of filtration from a canister filter and maybe using a powerhead for circulation. Plants will include hairgrass, crypts and anubia--possibly some mosses or java ferns.

This tank is not setup yet, but I think this is the way I am headed. The other option would be 2 x German Blue Ram--but I think the water would not be suitable for this fish either-and Ive read that they are ultra sensitive.

I am basing the pH on my other 3 tanks that are set up. It doesnt have to be a 30 gallon---I have 3 tanks to choose from to setup-- 29 gallon, 20 high and a 30 gallon. I currently have a 29, and two 10 gallons. I figured the 30 gallon would be the best one to house this fish selection in though.

Im hopeful someone will tell me they have been successful with these fish in this pH--but if not I will continue looking for compatible fish that I like.
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