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Compatability question: Fry, fry, and more fry!

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So I've been conditioning my pygmy corys for spawning for a couple weeks and they are all fat and sleek. I had planned to do a cold water change this weekend to induce breeding. If they do spawn, I'll move the eggs from my 55 to my 2.5 gallon fry tank.

Here's the complication: on Tuesday I noticed my black skirt tetras spawning, so I whisked them away to my fry tank, where now I have dozens of free swimming tetra fry.

The questions: Should I postpone my planned cory spawning? Or will the fry be ok together if the tetras are a few days older?
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I would think they would b fine. Naturally non aggresive fish that like different parts of the water columns. If possible you want to get your fry tank cycling soon as possible. I have learned it to b easier to use breeding nets that you can hang in your tanks. Helps with water changes and they catch small organisms they can feed on.
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