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Ditto the other. I've not kept them, but my best friend had one first in her 33, then in her 55. He was a COOL fish, but he would eat absolutely anything he could even kinda fit in his mouth, and he grew fast. He took out fast moving danios like they were sitting still. He'd go after her swordtails and take out their tails or basically as much of the fish as he could get a hold of and eventually do enough damage to kill them even if he couldn't just swallow them like the danios and tetras. The 55 was a cichlid tank, and he was fine in there as the fish were all larger deeper bodied and similar in size to him. Only got rid of him because she decided to go a different route with the tank and she obviously couldn't put him in any of the community tanks.

Long story short, he's likely going to outgrow your tank VERY quickly, so best to have his next tank already in the works, and not a lot of fish that are compatible, especially in his current tank.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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