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Compact Flourecent Question

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Are all spiral flourecent bulbs compact? I just bought a 27w one and it just said flourescent on the back in small print.
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Yes it is a compact flourescent. It will grow plants. What brand is this?
Thats a rather strange question, unless I just dont get it. Are you talking about the term compact fluorescent, in which yes, they are called cfl's, they arent all spiral, some are just single, double or triple bent tubes for example, but they are all designed to be relatively compact compared to there linear tube (2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, etc.) fluorescent bulbs. I;ve got a 40-some watt one in my garage and its still only about the size of a 'large' coffee mug.
No I mean if it is a spiral bulb does that mean it is a cokpact flouresent. Mine just said flourescent on the back in small print. So I was double checking. I got it at home depot by the way.
Why would it matter if it was called compact or not. Fluorescent is the part that matters, unless it isnt small enough to fit in some compact space, but then it would be the size that matters not the nickname. Call it a miniature fluorescent if you feel so inclined. But the industry term is compact fluorescent, abbreviated CFL. Does yours look like these: Besides the wattage which gives you an indication of how bright it is, the only other really important thing is the K rating, which really isnt all that important but the common ones are cool white and warm white which both will look a little yellowish and most folks dont like this. Look for the daylight ones rated ~6500K if you dont want the yellowish look.
OKay thanks for explaining it to me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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